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At Energy Savers, we are passionate about providing improved comfort, efficiency and air quality in every area home. According to a recent estimate developed by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) more than 90%* of US homes are under-insulated.**

We are dedicated to resolving this problem and creating a comfortable home environment that meets or exceeds current recommendations. Now that’s sweet!

Think you need an insulation upgrade to your existing home?
If any of these scenarios describe your current situation, chances are good that you need to add insulation and/or seal your home for air leaks:

Problem: The temperature in your home fluctuates often, causing you to constantly have to adjust your thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Possible cause: Warm air displaces cold and every place that your home is joined together is a place where air can escape or exchange. Taken together, this means that warm air from your hard-working furnace will find its way outside through any crack, joint or frame – even if insulation levels are good.

Solution: Air sealing and proper insulation are the one-two punch for improved comfort and energy efficiency. Energy Savers’ air sealing services will offer your family greater comfort year round with proper application of latex caulk, rigid foam board blocking or open and closed spray foam. Whether your home requires air baffles for ventilation, high-density weather stripping, door sweeps or radiant barriers, our team of experts will work hard so your heating and cooling systems won’t have to. If your home needs air seal duct wrapping and insulating, or your lighting blocked and insulated, Energy Savers is your insulation company that’s here to help.

Problem: Heating and cooling costs are on the rise, and no matter how you play with the thermostat, you can never seem to achieve the level of comfort you desire in your home. You’re paying a lot in monthly utility bills yet you’re still not comfortable in your home.

Possible cause: We all know that hot air rises. In your home, that means it’s going to the attic. If your attic insulation is substandard, that means up to 40% of the air you’re paying to heat could be traveling to unusable living space. In the summer months, hot air from the attic makes its way into rooms you’re paying to cool.

Solution: Sealing your attic joists and improving attic insulation can increase your home’s comfort level and reduce heating and cooling costs. From loose fill blown-in fiberglass or cellulose, to fiberglass batts or rolls, to open and closed cell foam, Energy Savers will recommend the best home attic insulation solution for your home. As attic insulation contractors, we’re experienced in installing air baffles and air chute work, installing radiant barriers on knee walls and air chute perimeter insulation. Like attics, crawl spaces can also drain a significant percentage of your energy use and Energy Savers can encapsulate crawl spaces if needed.

Problem: I know the walls in my home are under-insulated but I can’t have workers disrupting my household or tearing out interior walls.

Possible cause: Your home was built more than 20 years ago when energy codes were not as stringent as they are now.

Solution: Energy Savers can deliver comfort to older homes with wall drill and fill service for both blown fiberglass and blown cellulose. Adding insulation to your walls as well as your attic will add comfort and energy savings, especially when installed by a highly-trained, experienced insulation contractor.

Energy Savers removes any frustration and questions about insulation options for your home with a thorough evaluation and a free estimate for our services. We can accurately identify and correct any issues contributing to home comfort or energy loss problems. Every job related to insulating and air sealing a home includes a methodical inspection so we can suggest the best solution.

If you’d like a more in-depth analysis, Energy Savers would like homeowners to know that Duke Energy and Louisville Gas & Electric offer their customers a cost-effective formal energy analysis program.

New Home Construction Decisions
If you’re involved in new residential construction, you know the quality of your finished product and the efficiency of your build cycle hinge on the effectiveness of your contractors. Energy Savers is the dependable, efficient, highly trained, highly skilled, on-time, budget conscious, energy conscious insulation expert you need to install quality insulation project after project.

For over a decade Energy Savers has been proud to serve Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s residential insulation needs. We pride ourselves on performing professional insulation and air sealing services for a wide range of projects. Our product and installation knowledge spans a vast array of structures and insulation types. We strive to meet and exceed ever-evolving IECC requirements and to achieve the highest HERS ratings.

Energy Savers is a proud member of a very small group of contractors nationwide carefully selected by fiberglass insulation innovator Owens Corning to be designated as a Certified Energy Expert®. We offer peace of mind for builders, long-term comfort and energy savings for homeowners and an example of good business practices as a whole. Call us today at 502-553-8597 and let one of our experts help you determine the ideal insulation package for your next project.

* Estimate developed by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) based on a forthcoming analysis of the single-family detached residential building stock by Boston University
** “under-insulated” here means when compared to the minimum prescriptive wall and ceiling insulation R-values found in the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

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